maandag 21 maart 2011

Little miss sunshine

Finally the weather is changing, winter is almost gone and the first sun rays are screaming: SPRING! And spring means: shopping! Well, tomorrow I am going to Amsterdam with a couple of classmates to see a couple of Exhibitions but after that there is some free time to do whatever you want:In my case that's shopping, obviously! Can't wait to get some new things for spring but also for the summer.I found this photo a couple days ago and it makes me long for the summer

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  1. so cute! yay for spring :)


  2. beautiful picture!!xxx

  3. Lovely hat!

    Kisses from

  4. aaaw super cute pic!!! lovely effect!!
    hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same!

  5. Amazing pic! You look gorgeous!
    Your blog is sooooo inspiring!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  6. Beautiful hair! Yo seem so natural and happy! love it!! :) And the polaroid effect it's perfect!


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