zondag 13 februari 2011

music, put a smile on my face

Because I'm a girl with lots of things on her mind ( that are not always that important) I made a to do list to help me:

- Finish my school project 
- Get a job! 
- Find a perfect coat for the spring
- Buy a new pair of really high heels
- Save for my vacation 
- Go to; Love and other drugs
- Order a new pair of vans 
- Email Ripstar for the surf lessons for this year
- Order tickets for annasaid this april
- Buy new snow pants for my skiing trip with my dad 
- Go out more
- Drink less (calories!)

- Get in to the photography program at our school
- Start with eating healthy en working out more 
- Train more with my horse 
- Find a boyfriend, (just kidding!)

wauw that is quit a list 

OOO wait, download new music!
I just found this amazing videoclip from Lykke Li, but I can't put it on my blog. Don't know why and don't know what I'm doing wrong.. this sucks!  This is the link ,  PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT! Here is the song, but you have to see the video to, love it!

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  1. I have a loooong list too! But there is nothing good on it at the moment uh!

  2. Eeeek! That is one long list. Good luck. Really cute blog by the way x

  3. We follow your blog and we would appreciate it if you follow us back.. :D

    Thank you,


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