woensdag 19 januari 2011

music is like a heartbeat, without it you can't survive

Finally, the pictures of  3 voor 12 Song of the year @ the melkweg  in Amsterdam
One of my friends, Evy got some tickets for this event from the guitarist of Annasaid, one of the bands that was preforming that night. But we find out that we were on the guest list the day of the show so we rushed to Amsterdam, not knowing how to get back home. We were so excited, but then we realized that we didn't bring a camera so we bought a trow a way camera (I don't know if that is correct English, sorry) and this are some of the pictures of the best night out ever ! 



Check out these bands:
- Annasaid, cool music and really nice boys in person! http://www.annasaid.com/ 
- Baltazar, really nice musical style : http://www.balthazarband.be/

enjoy, xoxo 
Btw: thanks for the tickets, Annasaid! 

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  1. Amazing pictures
    Lovely blog!
    YOu follow me and i follow you?


  2. Aahhh, ziet er heel erg gezellig uit! En ik vind foto's van wegwerpcamera'tjes nu juist vaak wel een bepaalde charme hebben. Net zoals fotohokje foto's.

    p.s. Volgens mij is het disposable cameras. Weethet niet helemaal zeker, maar ik dacht van wel :-)

  3. awesome pics, looks like you had such a great time! Lovely blog xx


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